Huge variety and collection off vinyl and cd
Classic rock,Hard Rock,Metal,Alternative,Blues
Huge variety and collection off vinyl and cd
12 labels off extra cold beers
12 labels off extra cold beers
Only original drinks and cocktail’s
Only original drinks and cocktail’s
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Some Tripadvisor reviews

  • “Wow. Location is amazing. Music is great and they played all of our requests - even my really obscure one. (Not many places will put mariachi rock on for you!) The staff are brilliant. SO friendly and nothing is too much trouble. Really attentive if you're outside as well - you don't feel neglected. As with everywhere in Crete you get complimentary bar nibbles with your drinks. Here it's crisps and raw veggies. Lovely! They also have a shisha pipe and they are the cheapest place for it in Agios. They open at 10 and it's well worth the wait. Sitting there watching the fishing boats come and go, with great atmosphere, a good shisha, good drinks at very competitive prices and your favourite music. Doesn't get better than that. Just maybe put a lock on the door to the ladies loo! Can't recommend enough. Thanks, Yanni! Visited May 2017.” Visitor
  • “Great rock bar with lovely friendly staff, great music if your into rock & brilliant views of the bay! Visited September 2016.” Visitor
  • “Doesn't open till late, no wifi (talk!) dead friendly and polite. Played our favourite tracks too!! PERFECT THANKS GUYS Visited August 2016.” Visitor